BRDC Silverstone

‚ÄčAsset Plus One are solely retained as the independent development consultant to the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC), owner of the 550 acre Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit which hosts the British Grand Prix.

In 2007 Asset Plus One obtained local authority approval via an adopted Development Brief for up to 6 million square feet of mixed commercial uses for the estate which offered the potential to realise the inherent commercial value of the Silverstone brand heritage.

Subsequently the development land not associated directly with the operations of the circuit was sold to MEPC who are now creating a world class engineering and business hub.

Most recently Asset Plus One has secured Outline Planning Consent across the 550 acre estate for a mixed use leisure development of 1 million square feet, including hotels, brand centres, leisure destination attractions and much more.

It is exciting times .

  • The 200 bed Hilton Garden Inn Hotel is open and trading.
  • Aston Martin have opened their new research & development facility at the Stowe Circuit.
  • Escapade is under construction and will complete in the Spring 2024, comprising 60 state of the art residences, together with a 15,000 square feet Clubhouse.
  • Through Asset Plus One, Silverstone are in dialogue with the leading University for the engineering sector about building them a new faculty at the circuit to compliment the University Technical College.
  • A new kart circuit to International standards is proposed and is programmed to open in 2025.

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